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Concerns about facility flexibility, indoor air quality and life safety issues are all dealt with by our designs, ensuring we meet our clients’ goals and objectives, both for today and into the future.


As part of integrated design we make the most of natural heating, cooling and ventilation. We then provide straightforward energy efficient systems that work in conjunction with a quality building envelope.


Mechanical systems play an important role in today’s modern facilities. Our design professionals bring their experience and knowledge of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings to each project as they establish appropriate cost-effective solutions for the facility at hand. Since we design mechanical systems for a broad spectrum of buildings and clients utilizing a wide range of project delivery methods, we are continually reviewing the latest in technology, design approaches and construction practices. As a result, our buildings perform better. They are more efficient to operate and maintain, and better for the environment overall.


Our Mechanical Engineering Services Include:
  • Code evaluation and compliance
  • Systems and equipment analysis and design
  • Energy, water and indoor environmental quality research and studies
  • Building envelope energy modeling
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Air conditioning and humidification
  • Plumbing and venting
  • Intelligent building control systems
  • Air and water filtration
  • Diesel fuel supplies to emergency generators
  • Lifecycle analysis (energy and sustainability audits, existing facility evaluation, costing)
  • Heat recovery and energy conservation
  • Fire protection systems
  • Contract document preparation
  • Contract document administration

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