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Each project brings unique challenges. We analyze and consider the benefits of several alternative structural schemes for each project. In doing so, we can ensure the right structural solution is chosen to suit our clients’ needs.


Successful structures are measured not only by their stability, but also by their economy in fulfilling their purpose. Successful solutions do more with less. For more than three decades, we have proven that creative thinking will result in successful and innovative designs.


At SPA, we are involved in the design, evaluation, renovation and rehabilitation of new and existing structures on an ongoing basis. We apply our experience and continuing commitment to actively review the latest in new structural technology to the successful delivery of new structures.


Our Structural Engineering Services Include:
  • Buildings and additions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Code analysis
  • Site investigations
  • Structural analysis, restoration and upgrades
  • Failure analysis
  • Load capacity reviews
  • Pre-purchase evaluations
  • Computer modeling and analyses
  • Parking structures
  • Contract document preparation
  • Contract document administration

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